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FBSAHaiti was founded by Eddy Destiné, who believes a solution for Haiti depends on Haitians.  Mr. Destiné established FBSAHaiti in the year 2000, with the vision of changing the living conditions of the people in La Plaine, Croix-des-Bouquets (on the northern outskirts of Port-au-Prince).  

FBSAHaiti Medical Clinic and Nursing Program - Eddy Destine - FBSAHaiti Founder and Executive Director
He created a medical clinic to address both medical and social issues of the people and in 2001, Mr. Destiné gave up his home to convert into a medical clinic. FBSA was officially incorporated in 2001.  After much hard work and renovation the doors opened to the public in 2003.  

Since then, FBSAHaiti has accumulated a well qualified staff, vaccinated over 25,000 pregnant women and children, and continues to help in any way it can to improve the physical and social lives of the people of La Plaine.

FBSAHaiti Medical Clinic and Nursing Program - vaccinations donated by the Haitian Health Department and UNICEFFBSAHaiti is recognized by the Haitian government.  This means that FBSAHaiti representation can attend many town meetings and participate in the improvement and decision making for the future of La Plaine.  It also means that they can receive vaccinations from the Haitian Health Department, which have been received from UNICEF.


The next step is a nursing school. Students will receive an excellent education, preparing them to provide nursing skills throughout Haiti. The program started in 2014 with 10 students, taught by highly accredited medical professionals. 


Our hope is to continue to grow, so that can  improve our service to the people in our neighborhood. Our goal is to grow the nursing school to 80 full time students.  And this is a rendering of a hospital we hope one day to build.

Architectural plans for expanding FBSAHaiti medical clinic and nursing school.

Your donation to Fondation Bon Samaritain en Action (FBSAHaiti) through Love and Grace Ministries - Haiti is fully tax deductible.  L&G is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit and all work done in the states is through volunteers.  So 100% of your gift will be applied to support FBSAHaiti.

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