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FBSAHaiti Medical Clinic and Nursing Program - children's check upThe Fondation Bon Samaritain en Action (FBSAHaiti) Medical Clinic opened in 2001, and serves thousands of people each year.  It is located in the northern edge of Port-au-Prince, and serves 26 localities throughout the area.  The goal of FBSAHaiti is to improve the living conditions of the people of Haiti, both medically and socially.  

Over the past 11 years, the number of people served by the clinic has grown significantly.  Already this year, over 1200 babies have received vaccinations.

Towards becoming self sustaining - Nursing School

Many of our patients are unable to pay the full cost of treatment, so running the clinic is expensive. To help offset the costs and move us towards our goal of becoming self-sustainable, we have started a new nursing school. Up to 80 nursing students will be able to study at the FBSA High Tech Nursing School. Nurses are needed throughout Haiti, and students that graduate from the four year program will be able to serve throughout Haiti. 

Click here to learn more about what is still needed to be completed so that teaching can be accomplished.  The goal is for FBSAHaiti to become self-sustainable, but we do need your help as we get started.

Will you help us get started?


FBSA Nursing School Logo - with the lamp, an international nursing symbolDid you know that the lamp is an international symbol 
for nursing?  It's origin is from Florence Nightingale,
who carried a lit lamp while caring for injured soldiers during the Crimean War.

FBSA Nursing School Flyer

Your donation to Fondation Bon Samaritain en Action (FBSAHaiti) through Love and Grace Ministries - Haiti is fully tax deductible.  L&G is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit and all work done in the states is through volunteers.  So 100% of your gift will be applied to support FBSAHaiti.

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