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In 2014, FBSAHaiti opened its doors to its first class of nursing school students. Teachers and students started the school year in October (this is the normal starting time for Haiti). The goal is for the program to become accredited by the Haitian education system, so that students will graduate from a fully accredited nursing program. 

View this  PRESENTATION  for more information about our program.

New equipment for the FBSAHaiti nursing school.
Here's one answer to getting ready ... In early August of 2014, a shipping container filled with desks, chairs, tables and other equipment arrived. 

In this picture, you can see the desks that were unloaded into one of the new buildings that is now being used for classwork. 

Are you currently in the medical field?  We are hoping to set up an exchange program, so that during their junior year, students would be able to spend a semester studying in the United States?  We would love to talk with you if you might be interested in starting an exchange program. Here's how to contact us.  Thank you!

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if you would like to see other ways you can help us get started.

Your donation to Fondation Bon Samaritain en Action (FBSAHaiti) through Love and Grace Ministries - Haiti is fully tax deductible.  L&G is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit and all work done in the states is through volunteers.  So 100% of your gift will be applied to support FBSAHaiti.

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